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Smart IoT Indonesia 2020 - Seizing up the Ultimate Opportunity in ASEAN's Largest Digital Market.

*Start Date
March 2020
Jakarta International Expo - JIExpo
Smart IoT Indonesia 2020

In implementing Roadmap 4.0, there is a close connection between Infrastructure and Technology of Information& Communication, which are IoT, Big Data, Data Center, Cloud&Security, Artificial Intelligence, Mobility, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Smart Industries, and Sensor & Automatic System. In which all of these will be presented in the show of Smart Iot Indonesia 2020.

Smart IoT Indonesia is the Indonesia’s leading trade show to focus on Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. The show will provide you with the ideal opportunity to engage with senior decision makers from ICT industries, manufacturers, government, enterprise, the public sector and service providers, including system integrators, developers and consultants.

The 3rd edition of Smart IoT Indonesia 2020 will be taking place from 26 – 28 March 2020 at JIExpo Jakarta is co-located alongside with Big Data Indonesia 2020, Data Center Indonesia 2020, Cloud & Security Indonesia 2020, Smart Manufacturing Indonesia 2020, Mobile Technologies Indonesia 2020, as the part of Smart Home+City Indonesia 2020.

Supporting Associations:
1. ASIOTI (Indonesian IoT Association)

2. APTIKNAS (Indonesia ICT Business Association)
3. ACCI (Indonesian Cloud Computing Association)
4. ABDI (Indonesian Big Data Association)
5. ASSINDO (Indonesian Integrator and Securities System Association)
6. AEIS - Association of Electronic Industries in Singapore

Indonesia Internet of Things (IoT) Market Potential
Indonesia with over 260 million of population and the largest archipelago in the world comprising has become the largest economy in South East Asia. Indonesia serves as a promising ground for Internet-of-Things (IoT) developments and digitalisation plans. McKinsey predicted that Indonesia will be the 7th largest economy in the world” alongside productivity improvements within sectors and urbanisation by 2030. The Indonesian government has recognized this and has pushed for digitalisation mainly under two main initiatives: "Making Indonesia 4.0" and "Towards 100 Smart Cities".

The Indonesia's Ministry of Industry launched the Industry 4.0 initiative called "Making Indonesia 4.0" to include key sectors such as food and beverage, automotive, electronics, chemicals, textile, and garment. IoT is the interconnectivity among physical devices using the internet as the backbone. The term covers the use of smartphones to biometric implants.

According IDC data that 20% of local and regional governments in Indonesia will implement IoT
in many infrastructures like roads, street lights, traffic signals into assets rather than liabilities. The market of IoT in Indonesia is expected to reach US$ 31 billion (IDR 444 trillion) by 2022 and grow to to US$ 142 (IDR 1,620 trillions) by 2025, indicating the tremendous economic opportunities that come with IoT developments.

With regard to the rising trend of Industrial IoT, Big Data, Data Center and Smart Technologies for Home, Building, Office and City in Indonesia, Smart IoT Indonesia 2020 (as part of Smart Home+City Indonesia 2020) will be the most prospect platform in ASEAN. 
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